Mark Haillay Ceramics
Ceramic flying ducks etc, like the pottery flying mallards of the 1930s. Bird plaque trios with contemporary humorous twist: native and exotic species. Tea sets and tableware which is both decorative and functional.
home birds tableware information

square bowls
round bowls
oval and round bowls
oval fruit bowl £60

38cm 15" long
oval pavo bowl

turquoise oval bowl oval pavo bowl side

oval black circle bowl
round fruit bowl £56 33cm 13" diameter
red round fruit bowl
pufferfish pattern round bowl
round green bowl
blue wave round fruit bowl
rice bowl £25 10½cm 4" tall
bowls rice fashion
rice bowls red rice bowl
pasta/cereal bowl £25 19cm 7½" square
pavo pasta bolw turquoise pasta bowl orange pasta bowl
rectangular bowl  £84 34x29cm 13½x11½"
pavo rectangular bowl owl rectangular scraffito green
green rectangular bowl
sugar bowl £22 10cm 4" tall
pink sugar bowl
home birds tableware information
Oxton Pottery, Riggsyde,
Oxton, LAUDER,
Berwickshire, TD2 6RA

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